Are Polymer Pools Stronger than Steel Pools?

Your pool investment needs to be the strongest, most dependable and worry free for years without impacting the environment. You also need the freedom to select the design that meets your needs and style.

Polymer walls have a higher strength ratio than steel walls. Polymer pool walls have uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the engineered placement of ribs.

Our patented flex panel allows you to create every type of radius that is sometimes needed in vinyl pool designs. This is great for custom or freeform pools as there is no limit to the vinyl pool designs that are available. Most modern pools have salt chlorine generators which cause steel pools TO RUST at some point in their lifetime reducing the overall strength. Polymer pools will not rust or corrode as they are manufactured with durable rigid 100% recycled polymers. Polymer walled pools are hands down much stronger and have unlimited radiuses for freeform vinyl liner pool designs.

Unlike a few years ago the cost of our polymer pools are now comparable to steel panel pools at no cost to the environment.

Our polymer in-ground pool kit is designed using 100% recycled structural polymer. Speedlock fasteners and ultralight components make installation a breeze.

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